I am here to Heal. 

I am here to Teach. 

I am here to Be of Service. 

With a passion for working with Sound, Mantra, Frequency and intentional Song; Melody has combined the use of advanced meditation, unique specific harmonics and vibrational tuning therapies to re-connect the mind, body and spirit into harmonious attunement.

For the past 15 years, Melody has been sharing her divine light across Alberta and British Columbia. She has performed ceremonies in various locations including Banff, Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Sundre, Water Valley and Vancouver Island. Her presence and healing touch have graced the lives of many, and she continues to make a positive impact on those she works with. If you are seeking healing, transformation, and a deep connection to your inner self, Melody is a wonderful guide to support you on your journey.

She aligns herself with the current energies at play through her wisdom of the stars ~ As Above, So Below ~ she takes this into consideration as well as the goals of each participant or groups that she works with.  This allows her to co-create healing sessions that focus on releasing past traumas and deep soul wounding.  Her intention is always to bring forth the exact healing and transformation that your soul needs at the time. 

Melody has been on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, learning, de-conditioning and healing for the past 20 years. She has been immersed in all things mystical, delving into an in-depth study of energy healing, shamanism, astrology, sound therapy, metaphysics and consciousness. 

Melody has worked extensively with the Shipibo peoples of the Amazon, integrating their deep plant medicine wisdom and healing songs (icaros), as well as many trips down to Mexico to study with the Wixarika peoples and their wisdom of feather work and cactus medicine. This is part of the continuous journey that her soul is here for; to grow, evolve, and heal more layers of wounding so that she may come into closer connection with her souls’ true essence & purpose. 

She is now on a mission to educate and bring forward her teachings of consciousness and light, to help people heal on all levels of their being.
She incorporates her knowledge of astrology, energy medicine, sound medicine and plant essences into her healing practice.

With the knowledge of your divine blueprint, she will guide you and help to shift your emotional state into a higher frequency and awareness of your Souls’ divine purpose. This will align you with your higher self, in turn bringing you more love, clarity, inner peace and ultimately, more happiness into your life.

This practice has become a devotional passion for her to create, as it is to help others discover their ability to heal themselves through their intention, nature’s medicines, sound vibrations, and the cosmos.

What My clients are saying

Melody is a powerful guide, sound healer & medicine woman - I have personally experienced the her work many times and the heart opening & transformative effects of the sound, song, energy & wisdom she offers as a practitioner - I would recommend her to anyone needing guidance, to break through blocks, nervous system regulation or just some inspiration/guidance to take the next step on their journey - Melody is a gift & truly living out her souls purpose🤍

Caitlin Wilson

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