Drum Journeys /
Soul Retrievals

Drum Journeys can be used to find your Power Animal, to answer any question you may have about your life, and also to retrieve lost parts of your Soul that have become fragmented and lost during trauma. 

This includes this lifetime and as well as past lifetimes as your soul has had many, many lives prior to this one, and the Emotional body travels with the Soul throughout each lifetime.  Together we will journey into the Under World, the Middle World, and the Upper World – depending on what we are searching for – and retrieve the question, the Spirit Animal, or the lost parts of your Soul.  I will then call them back into your being, and sync your field with this new energy. 

Various techniques are used besides the drum, there will also be mapacho, a ceremonial or sacred tobacco that is used, and a general clearing, grounding and blessing at the end.

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Shamanic healing takes place in many forms, depending on what spirit recommends. It can include plant, herbal and mineral spirit medicine, the use of song and other instruments to move and transform energy, visualization, soul retrieval, extraction, hands on massage or physical body manipulation.

Through sound & vibration and the use of vocal toning, bowls, tuning forks, bells, songs, and chimes - we will open the energetic pathways and clear any blocks within your energy body.

Come experience a shamanic healing and clearing through song, and the use various musical & healing tools at my monthly healing clinics.

This offer is a one-stop shop for your entire being, where an astrology reading is given along with a medicine box specifically handcrafted for your soul’s vibration and healing.

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