Soul Mapping + Medicine Box

As Above, So Below. Astrology is an ancient practice & study of the celestial bodies that has been going on the beginning of time. Knowing about the cycles of the Planets and Stars can help to bring awareness to what is happening around you, and ultimately help you to map out your life and align your will with that of the Cosmos.

There is an energy, a vibration or a pulse to everything. Every living thing emits a vibration, and each Planet represents a certain archetypal energy that is affecting us, and that is being played out & represented in some area of your life. At the moment of your birth, the cosmos were aligned in a certain configuration that is a framework for who you are, all of the potentials that could be attained, as well as the pitfalls and lessons you are here to learn and work through, as part of your Soul’s journey.

I will help you to understand what your personal Souls’ map and Divine Blueprint is wanting you to experience in this lifetime, which will help to bring more awareness into your life. You will start to see the deeper patterns, the purpose of what your Soul has come here to learn and do. It will provide you with more clarity and understanding, and ultimately – empower you to Master this lifetime!

As part of this offering, and to assist you on all levels of being – you will receive a “Soul Medicine Box”, personalized for you & your soul’s unique expression of energy from natures’ crystals, herbs, and essences. Included is a personal mantra & meditation for your soul body, an affirmation, a soul essence essential oil blend, a planetary perfume diffuser blend, a dominant chakra body spray, an amulet of protection and a crystal or bracelet with your specific birth stones, all including herbs tailored for your healing needs at this time. Sessions can be done in person or by Skype, Zoom, and over the Phone.

Depending on what guidance I receive for your Soul and where you are at and what you are experiencing at the time – this could also include a specific healing song, or some type of vibrational healing with tuning forks, crystal & tibetan bowls, or else a shamanic healing, and/or reiki.

A printed report of birth info and the coming transits for the year is also provided.

soul mapping + medicine box


Melody's Soul box was above and beyond what I was expecting. The care and attention to detail were amazing. All the senses were delighted by the contents and it made me feel so special. I deeply wish to gift a soul box to everyone I know, and perhaps one day I will be able to. Melody has such amazing gifts and I wish you all to experience her creativity and guidance as you navigate your path. I would regard this as almost an essential gift to oneself.🧡 

Meghan Luxton

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Shamanic healing takes place in many forms, depending on what spirit recommends. It can include plant, herbal and mineral spirit medicine, the use of song and other instruments to move and transform energy, visualization, soul retrieval, extraction, hands on massage or physical body manipulation.

Through sound & vibration and the use of vocal toning, bowls, tuning forks, bells, songs, and chimes - we will open the energetic pathways and clear any blocks within your energy body.

Come experience a shamanic healing and clearing through song, and the use various musical & healing tools at my monthly healing clinics.

This offer is a one-stop shop for your entire being, where an astrology reading is given along with a medicine box specifically handcrafted for your soul’s vibration and healing.

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